Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

HELLO 2011????

so loong since my last post...been busy all the time,not so busy,maybe just pretend that I'm busy doing the art of doing nothing..hahahaaa...lazzzy.
so I've been looking backward and saw my blogpost about my 2011 resolution and shamefull that none was done. Astaghfirullah is that mean that I am one of the lossy group that mentioned by The Prophet Muhammad SAW?A'udzubilahimindzalik (hope I spell it corectly)
So I gain my weight and got bankrupt because I don't have any saving, my project are stuck...I don't know why but I just think that I have a very hard time these past day and feel lonely because I don't have nno one to share with. Ithink that's all....byee